July 7th, 2014 by

Think of this as a first post.

The last post on this blog was more than three years ago, and I’m going to draw a line under it. I’m out of contact with most of the old contributors and there were never many readers, so I’ve hidden all the old posts and downgraded all the inactive accounts.

I’m now called Matthew, because I want it to be a little easier to work out who I am: since the last posts my employer has relaxed a little about that; an AMA later and astute players can now associate my real name with my professional identity anyway.

I don’t promise that there’ll be loads of posts, but I still want somewhere to write publicly from time to time. I’ve still got a lot of stuff on my ‘games to play’ list, I should make some notes while I do, and I may as well put them on the web.

I’m still open to collaborators, as guest posts or regular contributors. You’d probably want to be someone who knows me (else why bother), I’d like to maintain the standard of writing (which shouldn’t be a big ask; it’s not like I’m Shakespeare), and in any case let’s stay mostly on topic.

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